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PostSubject: A GOOD SALES AD   A GOOD SALES AD EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 10:47 pm

Selling something on the internet requires you to post a clear, easy and well defined ad. You have a lot of competition!

Use the below tips to help ensure a successful sale.

You literally have 4 seconds to make a first impression. Obviously in that 4 seconds a visitor is not going to read content. In that 4 seconds our brains are reacting to color, layout, design, and navigation as well as a good headline.

Your ads:

* Your ad needs a clear, short headline that specifically states what is for sale.

* Within your ad give specific descriptions of the item for sale (ie....size, quantity, material it is made of, what makes it unique, the quality of it {work put into making it} etc...the questions you as a consumer ask before buying something).

* Keep it brief and to the point. You can use color, bold, font, underline etc to draw people to your descriptions. Avoid long paragraphs instead use sentances.

* do a "details at a glance" whenever possible.

* Be sure that info on the price and how to contact you is easy to find!

* You need to "grab" visitor's attention thru Pictures that are a nice size, clearly show what you are selling, and are not too bright or too dark.

* Provide several pictures of the item from differant angles.

* The item for sale should be the center focus of your pictures.

* Keep your pictures simple...don't have too many distractions in the picture (ie keep the background a solid color, and don't have the picture be busy with lots of stuff around the item for sale).

* If your selling a baby keep the focus on the baby and include those props that support or engage the viewer's attraction to the baby.

* If you are selling clothes use a sweet baby (doll) to model the outfit.

* Show a ruler or your hand or some other item to help the viewer get an idea of the size of the item).

Make it easy for the visitor to make the purchase!!

* If you use paypal then use paypal merchant services to create a buy it now or pay it now button and put this in the ad at the top or bottom but EASY to find.....this way the visitor can click the button to make the purchase without trying to send an email to you and having to wait to hear back from you.

....(tutorial on how to make a paypal button can be found in another tutorial here in the tutorials section).

* If you accept echecks or money orders then make it easy for the potential buyer to contact you and state clearly in the ad the time frame it will take for you to get back to them (do you check your email several times a day? Will you get back to them within 24 hrs? Will you take inquiries to buy an item in the order they are received etc).

** Outline your shipping service. MANY sales are lost because shipping is too high!

* Be fair and reasonable with your shipping, be specific as to what shipping covers (priority, parcel post, ground mail, insurance coverage, tracking...). If you are charging handling fees then try and bury these costs in the items price rather than in the shipping cost quote.

When your item has sold EDIT your ad and put SOLD in the title line. There is nothing worse than finding something you want to buy only to find out as you try to buy it that it is no longer available. There are many business's I have never returned to because they listed something for sale that was no longer available.

* Do not leave your store empty for long periods of time!! If someone visits your shop a couple of times only to find it empty each time, they are likely to never visit again!

* I know it takes time to make your items for sale. Don't hesitate to state this in your shop. Leave sold items you have already sold in your shop (marked as sold) so potential buyers can see your work and be enticed to check back in.

* Post your email in EVERY ad you put up in your shop. Encourage people to contact you with questions and provide your email for them to contact you thru.

* When your shop has nothing for sale, invite people to contact you with questions they may have including when you expect to have more items for sale.

Hope these tips help you post great ads and improve your sales!


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