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 Payments, shipping and other necessities :)

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Payments, shipping and other necessities :) Empty
PostSubject: Payments, shipping and other necessities :)   Payments, shipping and other necessities :) EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 10:53 pm

If i can, your item will be shipped (depending on size of outfit) in a zip lock bag in an envelope. Sometimes i can mail them in first class envelopes sometimes it takes a larger padded envelope and if its a blanket it will have to go in a box. I will always ship first class or priority if i can. That way you receive your item as quickly as possible. Shipping will be anywhere from 85 cents to 12.00 it depends on how large the item is.

PAYMENTS:I do take paypal, as well as money orders and personal checks. i hate paypal but it is a necessary evil. That is one of the reasons i quit selling on ebay, between the ebay fees and paypal fees (because now even a non business account gets charged fees) it just wasnt worth it. I prefer personal check or money order, but whatever payment you are comfortable with is what i will do.

I have over 140 feedbacks on ebay with 100%. I have bough mini ooak babies from a few of the ladies on ebay and a couple of sellers that are on here.

PHILOSOPHY:I will be honest and straight forward with you and communication is key. If you are not happy with something please let me know. I will always send pictures of your item BEFORE it is shipped to you. The best thing i get from making anything is seeing it used and other people enjoying it. If i cant make something, i will tell you, i cant make it. I will never refuse a respectful offer, and it never hurts to ask.
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Payments, shipping and other necessities :)
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