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 Creating a paypal buy it button.

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Creating a paypal buy it button. Empty
PostSubject: Creating a paypal buy it button.   Creating a paypal buy it button. EmptyThu Oct 07, 2010 1:32 pm

Okay lets make a buy it now button! You will do this for each item you are selling.

I JUST CHECKED, You can do a 'ADD TO CART' button to your forum for those who have multiple listings. To choose this option you follow the below guide but choose the 'ADD TO CART' button choice instead of the 'BUY IT NOW' button...this should be a lot easier for those of you with multiple items available! You WILL need to create a seperate button for each seperate forum category that you have.


>go to your paypal account.
>click on merchant services tab at top.
>click 'buy it now' button
>click on 'choose a button type and choose your button from drop down button
>Next describe item in 'item name' button
>put price of item in 'price' button (don't forget to select currency type if you are not in the US)
>next customize your button (not sure what type of button you want then click on example to see the types)..choose customize if you want a 'Pay Now' button
>next is the shipping box (if you sell the same type of item you have a good idea how much shipping is, if you want to go by weight and know weight of item is *you will need to go to shipping preferences in your profile....I wrote a tutorial on that so you can go check that out, otherwise enter shipping cost in this box.
>if your set-up as a merchant in your paypal account choose that selection otherwise choose the selection with your email address as your paypal account #
>next choose the 'track inventory'
>click on 'track inventory and fill in the description of item for sale and the number of this item(s) you have for sale. (important because if you have two items for sale and a third person trys to buy one it will stop them at this point and refer them back to the site)
>Then click on 'no do not let customer buy item if item is sold out -->>>and for the address to redirect them put:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

>now click on step 3, the boxes in here are self-explanatory

>Now click 'create button'
>See the box filled with text/code? Below is a button that says 'select code' click on this button, Now your text in that box is blue, right click with your mouse button over blue text and select 'copy'

FINALLY! Open (then click edit)your post of the item for sale here on doll-mart and paste your copied text at the top or very bottom of your ad.
>click SEND

YOUR DONE!! Any Questions contact me (I am Admin), REMEMBER that once your item is SOLD edit your post and put SOLD in the subject line!!

I know this all seems complicated right now but after you have done it a couple of times it really is easy and quick AND it helps entice buyers to buy your item rather than having to wait to hear back from you!

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Creating a paypal buy it button.
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