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Forum for doll lovers to chat, exchange ideas, access site amenities, sell or buy, and receive site info.
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If you sell Regularly and want to join ARTIST SALES SECTION then please contact me so I can set-you up! Tell me the Category(s) you want to be in (up to 3). ONLY Artists with a forum under ARTIST SALES can post in this section, they can also moderate their assigned forum.  BUYERS can comment and ask Questions  as well



 updates and touching base with everyone!!

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updates and touching base with everyone!! Empty
PostSubject: updates and touching base with everyone!!   updates and touching base with everyone!! EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 7:23 am

I just sent out a newsletter. For those who do not receive the newsletter here it is!!

Hi Everyone!

I just updated our featured items site as well as added a "help" page for those going to UHippo to set up sales there. I have also added an additional page for free templates that can be used on UHippo.

I chose items for sale on the site that I could see were fairly recent. They will probably get more views this month as I imagine many people will be going to the featured items site for the info on UHippo.

SELLERS: remember to post SOLD for those items that are sold and no longer available. I am fine if you want to set up your sales on your own websites and simply put a picture of the item for sale and the direct link to that items sale on your site. The whole intention of the doll-mart site besides the forum section and a place for people without websites to have a place to post their sales, is to gain more exposure for everyone else who sells.

ALSO, Remember that we have another branch to our "doll community". It is the site dedicated to dolly news and announcements. I am plugging it into the web as I go. It is free to use for everyone everywhere!

If you haven't checked out the site yet please do! Ebay is really falling in the traffic to the site and sales made BUT their fees are still quite high and they still do not offer policies and feedback that offer better protections for sellers....If we all unite and aim for one site for everyone to turn to as an alternative we can drive traffic to that site ( and improve sales for everyone. I learned about this site from Lorna Ours, I myself am not getting any kickbacks or anything by bringing dolly friends to the site, my single intention is to make a good viable alternative to ebay for everyone and do what I can to help everyone have success on the site.

Have a super mth everyone!!
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updates and touching base with everyone!!
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