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Forum for doll lovers to chat, exchange ideas, access site amenities, sell or buy, and receive site info.
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If you sell Regularly and want to join ARTIST SALES SECTION then please contact me so I can set-you up! Tell me the Category(s) you want to be in (up to 3). ONLY Artists with a forum under ARTIST SALES can post in this section, they can also moderate their assigned forum.  BUYERS can comment and ask Questions  as well



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PostSubject: featured items   featured items EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 7:30 pm

I am going to update the featured items page next monday. If anyone, whether you have a store or are selling something under member sales, has something they want put on the featured items respond here or pm me!

Thank you!!
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PostSubject: Doll Kits for sale-reasonable and very negotiable!!!   featured items EmptyWed Jun 01, 2011 3:50 pm

I am cleaning up a bit and need to sell a few kits and some parts.

I have 4 sale:

1 Lilah by Sheila Michael, body and COA $60.00
3 Fleur by Sheila Michael with bodies but only 1 with COA $60.00 each
1 Talia by Sheila Michael with body and COA $75.00

1 Sophie by Adrie Stoete with body $80.00

1 Angelina by Swialkowski with body and COA $75.00

2 Bridget by Corrine Kaeufeler with bodies $80.00 each
1 Tiffany by Corrine Kaeufeler with body $80.00

1 Maya by Reva Schick with body and COA $80.00

2 Shannon by Anne Timmerman with bodies $80.00 each

2 Luca Heads (new softer vinyl, neutral colour) $30.00 each

Please email me if interested...the more you buy, the better the combined shipping costs.

Thanks, Hugs, Katharine
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