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 Use pictures directly off your computer...."host"

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Use pictures directly off your computer...."host" Empty
PostSubject: Use pictures directly off your computer...."host"   Use pictures directly off your computer...."host" EmptySat Nov 27, 2010 2:14 pm

This tutorial will teach you how to "host" your own pictures OR in easier terms, take a picture from your computer and put it into a post/ad.

FIRST, to make it easier let's make a folder on your desktop where you can put pictures from your picture program into.

>go to your desktop

>left click the mouse >go to 'new' >click on this and a menu shows up >click on folder >a new folder shows up >if the box under the folder is in blue then you can right click your mouse in this box >delete the wording and rename it as 'pictures' OR >if the wording was not in blue then right click on the folder >go down to the option 'rename' >now you can rename this folder!

you can go to this link for another way to create a folder too:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Okay, so you have now put pics into your new folder, now lets go to the doll-mart site and procede with your topic

>open your topic
>when you get to the place in your topic where you want to place a photo look up at your toolbar
>see the icons? > go to the icon with a picture of a monitor and a disk in front of the monitor (8 over from the left)
>when you place your mouse pointer on this icon it says 'host an image'
>click on this icon
>Click on browse
>a pop-up window with the title 'file to upload' comes up for you
>choose DESKTOP
>now look thru the list until you see the file you created named 'photos'
>go to the picture you want and double click on it
>now in your 'upload an image' window in the box in front of the browse button you click on (file) you will see that info is now in this box
>click the button in this window 'host it'
>click on the box 'copy for 'Image:' (second box down), the wording gets highlighted in blue, >left click your mouse and click on 'copy', a box comes up asking for permission to allow this action >click on 'allow'
>back in your post in the place you want your picture, left click your mouse button and click on 'paste'
Your picture should now be in the post and you can check to see if it shows by clicking the >'preview' button next to the send button.
>now finish your post, repeating the above steps for placing more pictures where you want them

***if you need to see the picture to the number assigned to it so you know which one you are wanting to host, go to your desktop, click on your 'pictures' folder
>a pop-up window comes up and you can see the images you have placed in this folder.
>minimize this window so you can click on it as you do the above to host the pic to see which photo (number) you want.

to host a picture there has to be a place where it is stored. Your pictures are stored here:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Your login is email address here on the forum, your password is the password you have here for the forum.

You have, from what I understand...20mb of storage. Be SURE to go to your account and delete old pictures you are no longer using so you don't run out of space. To have more space you can buy it BUT I do not recommend you do this unless you want to continue to pay this cost every month,,,,crazy way for them to have set this option up but it is how they have it.

To navigate you can see 'my account', 'images', and 'upload', explore your account to become familiar with worries you can't "break" anything! :)

*it is a bit confusing so let me give you help on how to Log OUT of your image account
>assuming you are logged in go to the very bottom of any page and click on 'home' and you will be taken to a page that has a 'logout' option.

Questions? Let me know I am Admin (Elizabeth Townsley), or email me at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] I will do my best to help you.
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Use pictures directly off your computer...."host"
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