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 All about Neise's Nursery

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Neise's Nursery

Neise's Nursery

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All about Neise's Nursery Empty
PostSubject: All about Neise's Nursery   All about Neise's Nursery EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 9:04 am

Hi, I am Denise at Neise's Nursery.
Hi, My name is Denise Merritt and I am the artist here at Neise's Nursery! I found out about "reborning" from my sister showing me pictures on the computer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I said "I could do that!" So after I got home the next day. I immediately ran to my computer and looked up reborns on ebay. OH MY GOODNESS! I was in love with every baby I came across and had to have one yesterday! I strolled through hundreds of babies. I didn't even really know what I was getting in to! Well, So I did a lot of research, I went on a forum and met a wonderful lady that helped me so much. She let me buy a very small amount of paint from her and told me what to do. So I went out and bought me a doll. I was on my way to starting my first reborn baby. I recieved alot of help and guidance from many talented ladies out there and today am happily reborning my own babies. Everyday I am learning something new and hope to do this for many years to come! I am a wife and mother of two wonderful God given young men. I no longer have the sounds of little feet in the house, so I will take a nursery full of newborn babies to cuddle with! And being able to make a baby for someone who loves babies as much as I do, either to hold or simply for their collection brings so much joy to my life! I love what I do and I hope you will too!
I sell on ebay with my ID as dmer7637. and I sell from website or email and from this forum.

Click on the link below and you can see a slide show of some of mybabies. At Neise's Nursery, only the finest materials and supplies are used to create life like babies. Each one is created with much love and care. I take my time with each baby, nothing is rushed or hurried.

Each "baby" arrives at the nursery as a blank kit. All kits are then given a nice warm bubble bath, then left to dry.

I use Genesis Heat Set paints as my medium to paint my babies. Many thin layers are hand applied and are heat set between each layer. Not one detail is missed, From veins, finger and toe nails, wispy eyebrows.

After I am satisfied with how each baby looks, I then root their hair and eyelashes. I use the finest mohair I can find and using a tiny needle hand apply this to the baby's head one or two hairs at a time. This is very time consuming and can take anywhere from 10-20 hours. After the hair is applied, it is sealed on the inside of the head so the hair can be dampened and gently styled.

When the sealant inside the head is dry, each baby is then weighted with a variety of products varying from tiny glass beads, bummy beans, and poly pellets. Soft poly-fil is placed around the weighting products inside the head and body. Babies will receive magnets inside their heads for pacifiers. You need to be cautious with these magnets as they are very strong and caution needs to be taken around electronic equipment. Especially be careful around those with pacemakers.

The babies are so cuddly that you will be wanting to pat their little bottoms and cuddle them. The babies little necks are floppy so you will need to hold their little heads up for them.

The babies each go to their new home with the items listed on their page.

These babies are One Of A Kind. These dolls are not children's playthings but are meant for the collector. These babies are sure to become Heirlooms, passed down through families.

I am continuing to develop my techniques of newborning/reborning and therefore each baby is unique and different. Although I may use the same "sculpt", each baby is painted differently, given different hair and eye colors and dressed in clothing chosen specifically for them.

I will be adding more babies as they are completed. I also do special/custom orders

DENISE @Neise's Nursery
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All about Neise's Nursery
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