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If you sell Regularly and want to join ARTIST SALES SECTION then please contact me so I can set-you up! Tell me the Category(s) you want to be in (up to 3). ONLY Artists with a forum under ARTIST SALES can post in this section, they can also moderate their assigned forum.  BUYERS can comment and ask Questions  as well




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PostSubject: ABOUT ME   ABOUT ME EmptySat Oct 30, 2010 3:34 pm

Hello, My name is Kelly soriano
I have been sewing since I was a child. I love to design and sew doll clothing for dolls like Himstedt, Masterpiece, BJD. Kish, Reborn, and many others. I have several of my own lines that I have worked with such as: Attic Looms, Hope Chest, New Moon, and Cotton Candy. Much of my past work can be seen in my website page past work:

I use many different new fabrics as well as vintage and antique fabrics and linens in my pieces. I take all forms of payment and use pay pal.
Here are a few of my past pieces:

ABOUT ME 1et1912
ABOUT ME 1bl211
ABOUT ME 1bl1911
ABOUT ME 1et211
ABOUT ME 1et510
ABOUT ME 1og1610
ABOUT ME 1og1711
ABOUT ME 1gb311
ABOUT ME 1kg111
ABOUT ME 1pbd111
ABOUT ME 100_0210
ABOUT ME 1kg1310
ABOUT ME 1dhc910
ABOUT ME 1a610
ABOUT ME 1gb2610
ABOUT ME 1vh810
ABOUT ME 1as1110
ABOUT ME 100_0310
ABOUT ME 1vl110
ABOUT ME 1ip110

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