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If you sell Regularly and want to join ARTIST SALES SECTION then please contact me so I can set-you up! Tell me the Category(s) you want to be in (up to 3). ONLY Artists with a forum under ARTIST SALES can post in this section, they can also moderate their assigned forum.  BUYERS can comment and ask Questions  as well



 NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing.

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PostSubject: NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing.   NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 10:17 pm

I have chosen a new winner in the free drawings section...I have contacted the winner in a pm.

I know several members have selected not to receive the newsletter.

I use the newsletter as a big way of updating everyone. For those who have chosen not to receive the newsletter you are missing the updates.

I will try to post updates here as well but can't always promise that I will be able to do this.

In the latest newsletter I posted that I am taking a 1/2 page ad out for the doll conferance in June in CA in the catalog all attendees will receive.

The cost is $25, Karen and Lorna have donated to help me cover this cost so a very Big thank you for this!! I have invested over a $100 on the site so far and will continue to pay for costs such as free drawing prizes, advertising, etc... Donations are always appreciated.

I will have to state thought that as this site grows and the costs of it grow I will probably at that time require membership fees. This is sometime in the future and not anytime soon but there is no way I can cover the costs of a formal website with auction site. My goal though is simply to cover costs and NOT aim for profit and that is what I will stick too. We will all as a group discuss this when we arrive at that point. Although I am admin and set the site up, it is still everyone's website!

Now that the holidays are over I will start again in getting info out there about the site and driving traffic here!

Hope everyone is doing well!
Take care,
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PostSubject: Re: NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing.   NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 2:05 pm

Hey Liz, I think I get the newsletter. Not sure. NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. 285117 Can you check for me? NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. 582138
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PostSubject: new look   NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. EmptySat Jan 22, 2011 12:46 am

NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. 140144 I love the newsletter Liz , and I am blown over with the new look for the forum, I love it. you have done really well. Thankyou Lin x applaud

NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. Kissescuddles-2
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PostSubject: Re: NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing.   NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing. Empty

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NEWSLETTER and Free Drawing.
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