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 rooted Dakota in one day!

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rooted Dakota in one day! Empty
PostSubject: rooted Dakota in one day!   rooted Dakota in one day! EmptyMon Dec 13, 2010 11:03 pm

I painted my Dakota last week. No nightmares or bad dreams! I started rooting earlier today and just finished a little bit ago. That's a new record for me! I even got a coat of glue on her. She's drying under my work light. Tomorrow I can root her lashes and put another coat of glue on her hair, weight her limbs, and body, and she should be ready to go with me Thursday.
I haven't been having much luck on ebay. I have an appointment for physical therapy Thursday and they love my babies and the nurses at the lab next door love my babies. And Friday I go for a physical at my family physician, then back to my gynocologist for an ultrasound, then across town for a mammogram! I'm bringing all my babies! My gynocologist and her nurses love my babies too. Maybe I'll come home empty handed!. Wouldn't that be nice!
People just don't want to pay anything for reborns on ebay lately. My husband changed jobs recently and he brought one of my babies to work with him. The women there went nuts! They seem really interested, so I might try and work on some local sales.
How ya'll been doing on ebay? Any luck? Has anyone been selling anything? I got a house full of babies and my husband won't let me get any more until I sell some of them. No I would keep them, all and pack my house floor to ceiling with babies if I could afford it! I love my young 'uns! rooted Dakota in one day! 511115
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rooted Dakota in one day! Empty
PostSubject: Re: rooted Dakota in one day!   rooted Dakota in one day! EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 6:08 am

She's lovely, you did a fantastic job Very Happy
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rooted Dakota in one day! Empty
PostSubject: Re: rooted Dakota in one day!   rooted Dakota in one day! EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 11:34 am

Ebay has been slow for everyone...really slow, and not just for the reborns! A lot of people will say it's the economy but I think that is a very small part of it. Ebay ruined themselves with the changes they have made. They lost A LOT of sellers with those changes (the change with feedback, increase in rates, focus on big company sellers, etc). Ebay thought they could get rid of the "little sellers" and fly with big sellers. What they failed to realize is big company sellers don't need ebay to sell their stuff because they have the funds for advertising and websites and such (and certainly don't want to shell out the amount of money ebay charges to sell there); my friend had her comapny on ebay and paid $4000+ every month to ebay. It is the little Sellers who made ebay what they are today and when those "little" sellers left ebay they took many of their customers with them.

This year Ebay finances showed the smallest amount of profit for a fiscal year that Ebay has ever made!

You would think they would see that their approach failed and change things back to the way they were!! Dummies.

They also had plans to become a second "Amazon", this failed too, everyone basically told them that there was ALREADY an Amazon and that they liked ebay for what Ebay offered.

I hope this site eventually takes off for everyone and offers a new market for sellers and buyers to turn to.
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rooted Dakota in one day! Empty
PostSubject: Re: rooted Dakota in one day!   rooted Dakota in one day! Empty

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rooted Dakota in one day!
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