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If you sell Regularly and want to join ARTIST SALES SECTION then please contact me so I can set-you up! Tell me the Category(s) you want to be in (up to 3). ONLY Artists with a forum under ARTIST SALES can post in this section, they can also moderate their assigned forum.  BUYERS can comment and ask Questions  as well


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PostSubject: HOW TO GET PAGE AND SITE LINKS.   Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:46 pm

Although this sounds rather easy to do, for those just learning how to maneuver the internet this is a very important part of making the internet work for you.

To get a link of a site or a page on a site go to that sites home Page OR the page of a site that you want to get a link to,

Look to the very top of your screen,
The bar that starts with [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
is the actual link of that page or site

>Right click on your mouse on this line (the line is then highlighted in blue).
> bring your arrow down to 'copy' in the drop down menu and left click your mouse.

If you are going to include this in an email, a blog, etc you simply go to where you wish to put this link and
>Left click on your mouse, bring your mouse arrow down on the drop down menu and click on paste

That's all there is to it...practice and after awhile you will be comfortable doing this.

Do not worry about messing can always refresh the page/site that you are copying the link from....

to refresh any page simply go to that top bar that has the site/page the end of this bar you will see a little box with two blue arrows (one pointing up and one pointing down), this is your refresh page button, click on this and your page will refresh itself and the link or URL will return and you can then copy it. If you have problems in pasting just go back and copy the link again and come back to the page you wish to paste this link on and follow the above instructions on how to paste.
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