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 Adopted Babies

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PostSubject: Adopted Babies   Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:23 pm

Here are a few babies that have already been adopted.

Ella by Tasha Edenholm now Penny. Penny lives with her new mommy in Michigan.

Kyle by Pat Moulton now Ethan. Ethan lives with his new mommy in Virginia.

Parker by Melissa Pelesse now Mackenna. Mackenna lives with her new mommy in Australia.

Molly by Tasha Edenholm now Holly. Holly is with her new mommy in Pennsylvania.

Sera by Marissa May now Karen. Karen is with her new mommy in Illinois.

Sleepy(retired) by Berenguer. Made as a play baby for a little girl in Illinois.

Kyra by Eva Helland now Kat. Kat is with her new mommy in Canada.

Thanks for looking! Please check the available section for babies that are ready for adoption.

Blue Fairy Babies - Click here!
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Adopted Babies
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